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  • This is an introductory photography foundations course that introduces basic concepts in photography. The class focuses on creating photographs and interpreting their meanings. While this course introduces the technical aspects of shooting, editing, and printing photographs, the course’s primary concern is the exploration of ideas. Assignments incorporate a large degree of self-direction as well as opportunities for collaborative reflection with their peers. Students form questions about the world and experiment with photographic form and technique in order to best express individual conceptual explorations.

  • This course introduces students to photography’s significant role in the construction of social and political narratives through the use of book making and relying on the marriage of digital and traditional methods and skills. Prerequisite: ART 1301 and ARTS 1303 both with grades of "D" or better.

  • This course introduces black and white aesthetics and techniques within a traditional and digital context. Prerequisite: ART 1303 and ARTS 1304 both with grades of "D" or better.

  • This course introduces students to the aesthetics of current digital imaging technology, including new digital cameras, scanning equipment, Macintosh computers, image-manipulation programs and printing devices. Prerequisite: ART 1303 and ARTS 1304 both with grades of "D" or better.

  • This course uses a studio environment to explore issues in controlled lighting in photography. Prerequisite: ARTS 3361 with a grade of "D" or better.

  • This course introduces the basic materials, processes, techniques, and aesthetics of large format photography. Prerequisite: ARTS 3364 and ARTS 3365 both with grades of "D" or better.

  • In this intensive writing course, students will read, write, and create studio projects in reaction to historical and contemporary written accounts of the history, practice, and interpretation of photography. (WI) Prerequisite: ARTH 3306 and ARTH 3307 and ARTS 3365 all with grades of "D" or better.

  • This course explores advanced concepts and techniques in digital photography. Prerequisite: ARTS 3364 and ARTS 3365 both with grades of "D" or better.

  • In this course, students define, research, and create two extended photographic projects focused on a single theme. Students explore various methodologies to conceptualize, execute, and evaluate a series of related photographs, based on a broad theme suggested by the instructor, such as identity, politics, place, or social media. In addition, students choose a field of inquiry within that theme to create works to be installed in a professional setting. Prerequisite: ARTS 3367 and ARTS 4364 both with grades of "D" or better.

  • This course is the Senior Thesis for photography majors, requiring a series of original photographs to be documented in a written creative statement. It culminates in a senior thesis exhibition in the gallery. Prerequisite: ARTS 4360 and ARTS 4366 both with grades of "D" or better. Corequisite: ARTS 4000 with a grade of "CR".