Photography Facilities



The Sabinal darkroom is fully equipped for processing and printing Black & White film onto RC and fiber-based papers in a temperature-controlled environment using SPRINT chemistry.

Our processing kits include metal tanks & reels for 35mm and 120 film and Jobo Multitanks for 4x5 sheet film. Our printing darkroom is equipped with Beseler 23CII and 45X enlargers to accommodate all common film formats. UV Boxes for Cyanotype and alternative process printing are available upon request.

Digital Labs

digi labs

Sabinal has two digital labs equipped with iMacs and Adobe Creative Cloud. The labs also contain multiple Epson scanners and printers for student use such as the SP800 (17" sheet), P900 (17" sheet), Stylus Pro 4900 (17" sheet/roll), SureColor P7570 (24" sheet/roll), SureColor P9000 (44" sheet/roll), and Perfection V700 and V800 scanners (8"x12" Bed) with wet mount capabilities.



The photo program maintains two 400 sq. foot lighting studios with the flexibility to open them into one large space for extensive shoots. The studio has a full range of lighting equipment, backdrops, and accessories including Speedotron and Novatron Strobe Kits and ARRI and Lowel Omni Continuous Light Kits.


students gallery

The gallery serves as the heart of the Sabinal Building, where students hang in between classes and where lectures and exhibitions take place throughout the year. Students have opportunities through class projects and as part of the Middle Grey Photo Club to hang work in the gallery and once a year The Contemporary at Blue Star curates an exhibition of work from their roster of international artists.