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Membership Impact

What Your Membership Does

Friends of Fine Arts and Communication members’ financial contributions fund a variety of projects for the College.

  • The Dr. Lesley Jones and Maude Ogle Scholarships are presented to two outstanding students in the College.  These $1,000 scholarships are recognition of academic achievement and service to the College.  The runners-up all receive $500 scholarships.  The Jones and Ogle scholarships honor two long-time Friends.
  • The J. Ralph Harrel Award is presented to outstanding seniors in each of the College’s departments and schools. The award is named for the former Dean of the College, who initiated the Friends organization.
  • The Bob and Sunny Sappington Student Travel Award provides funds for students who need assistance to travel to competitions, seminars and workshops, and performances related to their course of student. This award honors the first president of the organization.

Why Supporting the Arts and Communication is Important to Central Texas

Time magazine recently documented the benefits a community receives from those who work in the arts:

  • Arts are good for local merchants. Arts travelers are ideal tourists. The typical arts attendee spends $24.60 per person, per event, not including the cost of admission on items such as meals and parking.
  • Arts are an Industry. Arts programs generate $135 billion in economic activity annually. Investment in the arts generates tax revenues, promotes tourism, and advances our creativity-based economy.
  • Stronger communities. A high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, and ensures that young people are not left to be raised solely in a pop culture and tabloid marketplace.
  • Building the 21st Century workforce. Creativity is among the top 5 applied skills sought by business leaders. The biggest creativity indicator? A college arts degree.