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Current Friends



Richard and JuanNell Cheatham

Charles R. Matthews

John Navarrette

Fraye B. Stokes

Catherine E. Supple

Denise M. Trauth and John L. Huffman






Steven and Susan Beebe







Eleanor Pulver







Ron and Judy Brown

Sue and Jimmy Cobb

Eleanor Crook

John Fleming and Julie Jalil

Marilyn T. Gaddis, Ph.D. and George Carruthers LTC (Ret)

Jane Hughson

Ms. Kaylene Ray

Les and Judy Smith



Colleen D. Aguon

Peter and Dee Dee Baen

Ron and Alberta Birk

Glynis W. Christine

Sue Cole

Bill and Janet Fly

Brian and Michele Frizzell

Elizabeth A. Frugoni

Josie P. Garrott and Frederick I. Davis

Johanna Stallman Gibson

Kevin D. Gilley and Family

Drs. Cindy and Bob Gratz

Kelvon Hansen

Cathy Ingalls and Norm Glorioso

Lucy Johnson

Carol and Jerry Keating

Debbie L. McDonald

McNabb & Co. Real Estate Services

Michael L. Niblett

Jan and Jerry Niemiec

Barbara Piersol

Fred Poston and Russell Clark

Gene and Tami Roe

John C. Schmidt

James and Shelley Sigler

Dennis and Denise Smart

Karen and Marty Sosby

Ruth B. Welborn



Gary and Virginia Aalen

Amy and John Beck

Lou Obdyke and Scott Bentley

Joye and Charles Blankenship

Kristy and John Caldwell

Thomas and Elizabeth Clark

Judith Dishman

Charles and Nancy Ellis

Susan Ellis

Dr. Ann Marie Ellis

Cathy Fleuriet and Lee Williams

Jerry and Cathy Gindele

Patrick and Carla Graham

Paul and DeLisa Harris

John R. Hyink

Chris Jorgenson

Tonya Killian

Margaret Sharon Lockett

Richard McBride

Debby and Gordon McCullough

Melissa and Aart Millecam

Marsha M. Moore

Bob and Brita Northcutt

Patricia Pattison

Laura Sanom and Bill Fleming

Marlene R. Silcocks

Mr. James and Dr. Joanne Smith

Bruce Smith

Amy Stanfield

Linda and Theron Stimmel

James and Deirdre Storrar

Judith M. Telford

Martin and Elizabeth Turner

John T. Wade and Janace Wade

Diane A. Wallis

Paula S. Williamson

Wendy A. Wong-Majors



Edward Bennett

David and Amanda Byrd

John Terry Capps

Sarah Carlisle

Rex and Suzanne Cole

Mary D. Cude

Rebecca Cultra

Marguerite DeBolt

Mary Pat Dettmer

Jan and Bill Fillman

Dr. Sheila Fling

Daniel Guerrero

Kami K. Haack

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Healy

Wendell and Laura C. Hethcock

John Hohn

Toby and Suad Hooper

Linda Hudson

Kern and Becky Huff

Diane Insley

Sally Jochimsen

Diann A. McCabe

Nancy Moore

Mike and Jane Moore

Kathy and Randall Morris

Joan Nagel

David Nettel

Michael and Tracey Nowicki

Nancy K. Nusbaum

Dianne Rush Pape

Walter C. Pilcher

Lea and Timothy Rice

Laura Sabraw

Barbra K. Schulte

Mary and Jack Seaborne

Stanley L. and Joyce Sissom

Harry and Ellie Stewart

Billie J. Stoepler

Terry L. Vaught

Melissa Velasquez

Max and Hiroko Warshauer

*Updated on November 8, 2021