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Current Friends


Richard and JuanNell Cheatham

Kelly and Beth Damphousse

Charles R. Matthews

John L. Navarrette

Fraye B. Stokes

Denise M. Trauth and John L. Huffman






Steven and Susan Beebe






Sue and Jimmy Cobb

Eleanor P. Pulver







Ron and Judy Brown

Pamela D. Burge

Bob and Kathleen Covey

Eleanor Crook

John Fleming and Julie Jalil

Dr. Marilyn T. Gaddis and Lt. Col. George C. Carruthers

Mark Gale

Dr. Cynthia I. Gonzales and Mr. Bill Guajardo

Steve Gregg

Linda Hudson

Wetonnah and Brian McCoy

Ida F. Miller

Ann K. Ray

Senor Cicero Alexander Rust III




Colleen D. Aguon

Debbie L. Austin

Peter and DeeDee Baen

Scott Bentley and Lou Obdyke

Glynis W. Christine

Tom and Beth Clark

Sue Cole

Lyle Durbin

Michele and Brian Frizzell

Drs. Cindy and Bob Gratz

"Kelvon Hansen and Neil Ely

AKYA – AVEDA Concept Salon"

Cathy Ingalls and Norman Glorioso

Lucy C. Johnson

Melissa and Kevin Katz

Helen A. Lowman

Marsha M. Moore

Cathryn Moreman

Eileen Morgan

Michael and Kris Niblett

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Niemiec

Bob and Brita Northcutt

Barbara Piersol

Fred Poston and Russell Clark

Lea and Timothy Rice

T.Cay Rowe and Tim Thompson

Lucille E. Santos

Dennis and Denise Smart

Nina l. Stein

Paula and Jay Stiles

Laura and Glenn Tanner

Beth A. Thomas

Virginia S. Volpe

Dr. Ruth B. Welborn

Judith M. Willis


Gary and Virginia Aalen

Nathan and Sharon Anderson

John and Amy Beck

Robert Beeman

Glenna and Betty Billingsley

Ron and Alberta Birk

Joye and Charles Blankenship

Linda Byers

Richard C. Condit

Bucky and Pam Couch

Ann Marie Ellis

Nancy and Charles Ellis

Barry and Lisa Fealy

Krystyn D. Fleischauer

Bill and Janet Fly

William Freeburg

Connie Gandrud

Catherine Gindele

Susan and Larry Hanson

Andrea and Dick Heaberlin

The Honorable Anne Halsey and Dr. Jeffrey L. Helgeson


Jane Hughson

Marshall E. Jennings

Christabel Jorgenson

Tonya Killian

Jerry and Jim Kimmel

Jennifer G. Lemarr-Mercer

Margaret S. Lockett

Robbie Maciver

Roseann M. Mandziuk

Michelle and Brad Manos

Richard McBride

Debby and Gordon McCullough

Lindy McGregor

Melissa and Aart Millecam

Catherine A. Morrison

Victoria L. Nordick

Sharon and Charles O'Neil

Janis Patton

Jim and Mary Pendergast

David Perry

Randy Polk and Suzanne Shield-Polk

Bill Poston

Becky D. Reese

Rick R. Reyna

Bill Fleming and Laura Sanom

Bruce Smith

C. Lynn Smith

Karen and Marty Sosby

Jennifer N. Stagnaro

Dr. Theron and Linda Stimmel

Charrell W. Thomas

John and Janace Wade

Robert and Diane Wallis

Lisha G. WilkinsonBarker

Paula S. Williamson

Wendy A. Wong-Majors


Michael and Kristi Abild

Jonathan Ahmanson

Don and Carolyn Asbell

Patricia Bacha

John D. Barthel

Alynda Best

Patricia Candia

Rusty Cannaday

John T. Capps

Sarah Carlisle

Ann M. Carney

Sergio E. Carvajal-Leoni

Rex and Suzanne Cole

Valerie L. Creveling

Rebecca Cultra

Nevin Cunningham

Mary Pat Dettmer

Charles Ellis

Janet and William Fillman

Martha and Mike Fleming

Dr. Sheila Fling

Gary Foster

Gary Foster

Andrew R. Gryce

Tracy and Jeff Hall

Margo K. Handwerker

John Hohn

Maryellen Holbrook

Kern and Becky Huff

Brooks Hull

Maggie Hutchins and Adam Wagner

Diane Insley

Sis Kiel

Melanie A. Liddle

Victoria and Thomas Locke

Gregory Lozano

Diann A. McCabe

Page Michel

Denise Moore

Mike and Jane Moore

Kathleen M. Morris

Russell G. Moses

Michael and Tracey Nowicki

Donna B. O'Neill

Dianne Rush Pape

Mae W. Parrish

Bill and Linda Pennington

Laura Rakela

Dr. Sandy Rao

Patricia Reeh

Samuel D. Regonini

Lois Riley

Theresa Robinson

Chelcie Ross

Schulte Family

Jack and Mary Seaborne

Kim Spaw

Harry and Ellie Stewart

Billie J. Stoepler

Carolyn Stormont

Zona Trahan

Lynda Velasquez

Jane Wang Beck

Hiroko K. Warshauer

Tuija Wayne

Michael Willis


*Updated on March 6th, 2024