Performing Arts Center Event Space & Classroom Reservation Form

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Standard Equipment:

All classrooms are equipped with an audio/visual cart that can be available upon request.
Room 209E has 18 chairs, 18 music stands, a Yamaha upright piano and 3 portable ballet barres.
Room 310 has 18 chairs and wall mounted seating risers.
Room 311 has 27 drafting tables and chairs.

Which facility/space do you need to rent?
When time do you/department need to start set up?
Space has been cleaned and out of building
How many people will be occupying the space?
What will be happening in the space you are requesting?
i.e Projection, Piano, Podium, Misc, etc..)

Lobby Reservations

Please complete the rest of this request form if you are needing to use the lobby.
Including arrival and strike
What will be going on in the lobby?
If yes, have all required University permits been issued?