Giving today for a brighter future. Our students face significant financial need: nationally, Texas State is the 30th largest public university, but receives the 2nd highest amount of federal financial aid, with 46% of undergraduates are first generation college students. 

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College of Fine Arts and Communication Donors


$200,000 + 

Estate of Janice Dyer

$25,000 +  

Rich and Elizabeth Condit

Rosaura and Tomas Gonzales

Patrick Webb Price

Philip J. and Maria Salem

The Still Water Foundation

Timothy D. Woolsey and Jim Patterson

$10,000 +  

Steve and Sue Beebe

George C. Carruthers and Marilyn T. Gaddis

Bradley J. Farbstein

Estate of Carol Whitcraft Fredericks

Headliners Foundation of Texas

Kathryn and Brian K. Johnson

James A. and Brenda A. Keller

Mark and April Lampert

Sharon Lockett

Susan and Bob Shrader

Virginia Ann Stevens

Texas Instruments Foundation

$5,000 +  

Irene L. Abernathy

Ms. Carolyn Barkley

Carson Family Foundation

Rob and Sharon Clark

John Fleming and Julie Jalil

Carla J. and Patrick K. Graham (with Bank of America match)

Katie G. and Jeff T. Harvey

IBM Corporation

Patricia Julliard

Seth A. Lafler

Rhonda and Chris Lamia

Lolita's Cafe


Eleanor P. Pulver

James M. Sablic

Philip Siegel

Lisa H. Spencer

Alexander and Yvonne Sudarshan

T3/Material Plus

Texas Association of Music Schools

$2,500 + 


Cynthia Gonzales and Bill Guajardo

Miriam C. and Richard D. Relyea

Brenda M. and Kaare J. Remme

Glenn E. and Marsha A. Staats

The Presser Foundation

The Rose Petroff Foundation

Aspen L. Walter

$1,000 + 

A Small Studio

Miles L. and Maria E. Abernathy

* Anonymous


Jonathan P. Babcock and Danton Bankay

Lucile Beshara

Ronald and Alberta Birk

Gene and Lynn Bourgeois

Lynn Brinckmeyer

Ronald C. and Judy H. Brown

Tom and Beth Clark

Jimmy and Sue Cobb

Serina Coppola-Cordova and Darren Cordova

Linda Duffield

Riley C. Edwards

Gary and Joan Goldberg Donor Advised Fund

Lana and Will Holder

Ingram Family Foundation

James P. and Mary H. Kushner

Lise & Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation

Joey M. Martin

Lori Merkle and Matt Ford

Kosaku Narioka

New Braunfels Music Study Club

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Peter A. and Rose Petroff

Walter C. and Gaynell G. Pilcher

R & P Ramirez, LTD.

Kaylene Ray

Blaik H. Romo

Cicero A. Rust III

James V. Hoffman and Misty W. Sailors

Jennifer M. and Shad R. Scharlach

The Brian and Laura Witvoet Giving Fund

The Heart of Texas Suzuki Organization

The Watson Foundation

Antonio Torres

Martin E. and Elizabeth H. Turner

University of California at Irvine

USAA Design Studio

Francesca and Kenneth Young

Margaret and John Young

$500 + 

Gary and Gini Aalen

Daryl L. Bley

Gloria Campos Brown and Lance E. Brown

Rex and Suzanne Cole

Audrey D. and Christian P. De la Cruz

Dennis J. and Margaret E. Dunn

Richard A. Earl

Ernie's Paint and Body Shop

Bill and Janet Fly

Brian K. and Michele D. Frizzell

Ann and James Frugoni

Lindsay S. Ganong

Kevin D. Gilley & Family

Faye and David Gode

Bob and Cindy Gratz

Kelvon Hansen and Neil Ely

Lucy E. Heston

Ted and Irene Hindson

Kathy Houle

Humanities Texas

Carrie A. Hurt

Cathy Ingalls and Norm Glorioso

John and Karen Meeks Donor Advised Fund

Craig M. Johnson

Jonathan J. & Cynthia S. Grosch Donor Advised Fund

Kevin and Melissa Katz

Jason J. Kwak and Kyung Ae Lee

Angelica Lopez and Chuck Jeffords

Laura Manchee

Cindy J. McCoy

Julie and Michael Montgomery

Lucille M. and Marcus J. Montondon

Amy and Ron Muawad

Michelle Ney

Jerome and Janice Niemiec

Mauro Ortiz

Nelda Parr

Vickie L. and Douglas M. Pautz

Ty Phelps

Barbara L. Piersol

Randy Polk and Suzanne Shield-Polk

Fred Poston and Russell Clark

Dorothy L. Renfrow

David Renner

Stacey M. Rodriguez

John C. and Jaqueline Y. Schmidt

Nico and Sunnie Schüler

James M. and Shelley G. Sigler

Dennis L. and Denise T. Smart

Ellie and Harry Stewart

Paula and Jay Stiles

Louis J. Strandberg

Taylor/Maxson Charity Fund

Ruth B. Welborn

Patrice H. and Gary T. Werner