Evans Auditorium Regulations

The Applicant/Sponsor of the event is responsible to ensure that all rules are followed.

  • 1. On-campus parking is limited, especially while classes are in session. Adequate parking cannot be guaranteed. Please check parking availability with Parking Services (245-2887) before scheduling any large weekday event.
  • 2. No food or drink are allowed in the audience area. If cleaning services are required, a charge for custodial overtime will be assessed.
  • 3. No smoking or alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the auditorium.
  • 4. No open flame will be allowed in the auditorium without prior written consent of the University Safety Officer.
  • 5. No nails, screws, stage screws, or holes will be allowed in stage floor and no tacks, nails, or staples will be allowed in walls.
  • 6. Audience control and safety is the responsibility of the Applicant/Sponsor.
  • 7. "No Standing Room" is an OSHA law. Each person admitted to the audience area must have a seat. The Applicant/Sponsor may be held liable if this law is violated and an accident or emergency occurs.
  • 8. Applicant/Sponsor of events in Evans Auditorium is responsible for meeting all contract specifications. To insure that specifications can be met by the existing equipment and staff, it is suggested that any technical rider be approved by the Production Coordinator prior to any contractual agreement.
  • 9. Evans Auditorium staff will only be responsible for equipment and personnel agreed upon in writing at least ten (10) working days prior to an event.
  • 10. Applicant/Sponsor of events are responsible for any equipment used during the event. Equipment damaged by neglect or abuse, or stolen equipment, will be billed to the Applicant/Sponsor. Damage to the facility will be repaired or replaced and charged to the Applicant/Sponsor.
  • 11. Applicant/Sponsor is responsible for audience and performer safety and conduct. Evans Auditorium staff is not responsible for security of personal belongings and equipment.
  • 12. Auditorium personnel who work more than 8 hours for a single event must be paid time-and-a half.
  • 13. Users of Evans Auditorium must agree to adhere to posted signs separating the Evans Auditorium lobby from Liberal Arts classrooms.
  • 14. Arrangements for use of the grand piano must be made 2 weeks in advance with the School of Music. Guidelines for the piano's use and charges will be given upon request.
  • a. No liquids, drinks, cups or food will be permitted on or near the piano.
  • b. The piano is considered a musical instrument and is not to be used as a prop, table, or platform. No sitting, standing, or lying on the piano.
  • 15. Violations of these rules could result in additional charges and/ or a ban from future use of these facilities.


Priority I, II, & III users (see UPPS No. 08.01.10) will be charged the full rental fee for failure to cancel at least 48 hours prior to an event.

Priority IV, V, & VI (see UPPS No. 08.01.10) must give 5 working days notice of cancellation.

For cancellations received after the applicable deadline, the Applicant/Sponsor will be charged the full rental rate.

Any group not showing up one hour after the contracted time on the reservation sheet will be considered a "No Show" and will be charged the full rental rate plus wages.

Cancellations due to inclement weather are exceptions.