Circle of Achievement

Dr. Laurie Fluker smiling at a Circle of Achievement recipient

The Circle of Achievement is a society of college scholars who have achieved academic excellence within the College of Fine Arts & Communication. This circle honors approximately 15-20 students annually in an awards celebration during the Spring semester. All undergraduate students who are members of the Circle receive a Circle of Achievement Academic Stole to wear at their graduation ceremony.

Members are recipients of the following scholarships and honors:

The Presidential Upper Level Scholarship program provides financial assistance and special recognition to a limited number of undergraduate students who have been outstanding in their college work. Each scholarship is valued at $1,200.00. To be eligible to receive this scholarship, a student must earn 60 or more credits by the time the scholarship is awarded with 30 of those hours being earned at Texas State. Other criteria include academic achievement, breadth of interests and achievements, leadership in department/school activities. 

Dr. John Ralph Harrel was the first Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication. The Harrel Outstanding Senior Award goes to students with the highest GPA in each of the five units of the College who graduate Spring semester or the preceding Summer or Fall semesters.

The Outstanding Graduate Award considers graduate students with outstanding academic achievement; a graduate student who has made a significant contribution to scholarship and has left his/her mark on a department or school.